Postcard Challenge – South Africa

From October 1st to October 31st 2014 I did a roundtrip through South Africa. I needed to take some distance from work and other obligations. I wanted to enjoy a month without social pressure.


But is that even possible?
It is so easy to post about the amazing stuff you do, and share every cool thing you come across on social media.
But the reality is that you don’t even know who is seeing your post, and you have no idea who cares about your adventures. It is easy to ‘like’ something. But does that mean that you care? Are you really interested?


That’s when I realised that instead of looking for a 2.0 version, I needed to go back to the original micro travel blogs: postcards. And this resulted in the following challenge that I set myself during my trip to South Africa:
One month. No Facebook. Just postcards.


These were the rules:
1. If I have your address, you will get a postcard.
2. Recipients are picked randomly on location.
3. Each postcards is to be visually documented on the location it is written.
4. While travelling, I am not allowed to log on to Facebook.


I got addresses from close friends and family members, but also from people that I met only once, or from people that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. But every person on my list requested a postcard – some for themselves, some for their children.


This is what I have done:
1. I have written and send 64 postcards. On average that is three postcards a day.
2. On each card I wrote an accurate account of that moment in time. And each card was photographed on that particular spot.
3. I photographed what I had written, which resulted in a complete travel diary.
4. All postcards can be viewed on my Facebook account, and on my website. Recipients can find their own postcards.


Because of the positive and sweet responses I got, I set up a second edition of the challenge in 2016: A full year of postcards, every time I was travelling abroad. This included postcards from Sri Lanka, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, the UK, Germany and Belgium.
On December 7th 2014 I was invited to talk about my project on the radio program ‘Hemelbestormers’, on the Dutch National radiostation Radio 2 (KRO).

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